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Excellent band which honors the songs and artists of the alt rock period. The Cure, INXS, Talking Heads, R.E.M. … you name them, these guys recreate them! And not just the predictable songs, but classic ones not heard often anymore. Calling them a “tribute band” doesn’t do them justice…. Call them a Time Machine band. Regardless… go check them out live! I’ve been to three (including one show of all Cure songs, which got me hooked) and looking forward to the next show!

That was incredible. Thank you to all the bands that clearly put in a ton of time putting that together. That was a blast. Standing room only!!

Great, Fun Show!  We'll see you next time.  And the time after that, and the time after that, and.....

This line up is everything!! We saw you at Blueberry Hill in December and it was amazing!! Looking forward to the next show. 

Lauren Kelly 1/14/23

What an absolutely fabulous night! I finally went to see 120 Minutes… It felt amazing to hear songs I LOVE  

Raquel Black Book 9/29/23

We'd been waiting for Months, and it was every bit as amazing as we knew it would be.

Karen Spence Bolhuis (after Smiths / Cure/ R.E.M. Tribute) 12/18/22

Saw your show last night. Very impressive. It’s rare to find a cover band that can ‘own it’ as if they wrote it. Very fun! Excellent performance!

Anne Molasky Ibur 1/14/24

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